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Environment Health and Safety Services
Services provided by COEH

 Environment Health and Safety Services

We at Centre for Occupational and Environment Health (COEH) provide advisory and consultancy services on Environment Health and Safety aspects. We cover a number of sectors such as IT Sector, Paint, Steel, Mining, Oil, Dyes, Petroleum, Automobiles, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Glass and Construction , and other sectors. We have expertise in establishing environmental health and safety systems in above mentioned industrial sectors as well as laboratories.

Where can our expertise help the stakeholders
  • Developing EHS policy
  • Hazard identification, Hazard Evaluation, and Hazard Analysis, and risk estimation
  • Health Risk Assessmen
  • Industrial Hygiene survey (Exposure Assessment and Environmental Monitoring) using sophisticated instruments and training staff. Our Industrial Hygiene Services and Ergonomic Assessment is undertaken in collaboration with highly trained and experienced U.S. experts, holding a Ph.D and having accreditation in Industrial hygiene.
  • Designing, developing, and Conducting medical surveillance
  • Biological monitoring to evaluate body burden following toxic chemical exposure.
  • Designing Laboratory Health and Safety programmes
  • Designing, training, and implementing Bio Medical waste Management plan for hospitals
  • Guidance in certification (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and NABL), etc.
  • Guidance in fulfilling legal compliance


Services provided by COEH Include


Industrial Hygiene Survey of Workplace

Conducting industrial hygiene survey to evaluate exposure for dust, noise, ventilation, heat, radiation, illumination, air sampling, and vibration, to name a few.

  1. Industrial Hygiene Services – Qualitative and Quantitative Exposure Assessment of noise, heat, illumination, air sampling.
  2. Chemical hazards Evaluation of exposures in workplace e.g. Benzene, Asbestos, Solvents and other heavy metals like mercury, lead, chromium etc. in workplace
  3. In addition we suggest measures to reduce human exposure to these chemicals.
  4. Providing cost effective and practical suggestions for improving working conditions and environment.
  5. Assistance in implementing solutions and communicating result to higher management.


Health Care Facility (Hospital)

Assist health care facility in creating a safe and healthy environment . Assessing risk in context of blood borne pathogens, biomedical waste and waste aesthetic gases, etc.

  1. Injury prevention – Needle stick injuries, eye injuries etc.
  2. Health risk and exposure assessment in health care.
  3. Understanding Issues in Bio Medical Waste Management and issues that have implication for environment.
  4. Training physicians, students, workers.


Laboratory Safety

Laboratory is a unique work place and requires health and safety risk assessment and industrial hygiene monitoring.

  1. We assist in identifying health and safety risks.
  2. Assist in developing Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Conducts Industrial Hygiene monitoring.
  4. Developing EHS plan and EHS management system
  5. Assist in selection of Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Developing and designing a proper ventilation system and proper working under fume hood .
  7. Biohazard safety 
  8. Preparing a chemical inventory and use of Material Safety Data Sheets.
  9. Fire safety and electrical safety arrangements in lab.


Indoor Air Quality

Evaluating IAQ problems in IT Company’s, labs, pharma, call centers where employees develop frequent health problems and exhibit effects of exposure.

  1. Identification of health problems and conducting Health check ups.
  2. Evaluating workplace exposure to pathogenic bacteria, fungi and molds and parameters like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, bio-aerosols and volatile organic compounds. 
  3. Assessing proper functioning of Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning (HVAC) System.



Identifying problems due to a badly designed workplace and suggesting ergonomics design identifying health disorders i.e. arising due to improper ergonomic design musculo-skeletal, injuries, incidents, disablement and others.

  1. To reduce these risks we conduct ergonomics study and advise on appropriate designing of workstation.
  2. Services for industrial and office ergonomics
  3. Risk assessment and characterization to estimate the hazard/risk involved.
  4. Preparing questionnaires for walk through survey, applying RULA’s method, Borg Scale method, NIOSH lifting equation, applying various ergonomics software’s, etc for evaluating the personal problems.
  5. Providing solutions that are cost effective, feasible and easy to implement.


Medical Surveillance and Health Risk Assessment

For hazardous jobs we undertake and design a medical surveillance programme indicating relevant tests, bio – markers, frequency of health assessment and appropriate interventions.

  1. Data storage format for Health Assessment and Health Screening
  2. Relevant tests investigation – based on the target organ risk.
  3. Identifying and suggesting Bio – marker of Exposure and Effects for specific exposures
  4. Genetic monitoring Protocol.
  5. Intervention in the event of an aberrant result.
  6. First aid and CPR and Emergency response training. 


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